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Gingerbread Leak: Android's Excellent New Skin Job Will Add Video Chat and Wi-Fi Calling Too

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Some of the first concrete details about Android 3.0 Gingerbread are pretty goddamn exciting. It's a smoother, faster, better Android—potentially with built-in video chat and Google Voice Wi-Fi calling.

Here's what Phandroid details, alongside the worst leaked picture in history. Imagine a lot of the aesthetic and UI improvements in Android 2.2, taken to the next level:


• Most of the icons are redesigned and cleaner.
• The notifications bar is more grey, with a look not unlike TouchWiz's taskbar.
• The whole interface looks more unified with green becoming the most prominent color. The included Google apps will feel more integrated with the OS as well.
• Lists now bounce when you hit the bottom or top, like iOS or Windows Phone, but with an orange glow at the boundary too.
• They're working on implementing video chat using the same protocols as Google Talk, though it might not make it into Gingerbread. (This would be great, because it'd be a legit competitor to FaceTime, especially since it'd cross the desktop boundary.)
• They're also working on VoIP calls to Google Voice over cellular data and Wi-Fi

This is all pretty much exactly what Android needs to be competitive with iOS and Windows Phone 7, though we'd sure like to see the launch of some the features Google demod at I/O as well, like Google Music. Fortunately, there's likely more to be seen. Check out Phandriod's full account. [Phandroid]