Rumor, Rumor, iToil and iTrouble

Man, now I'm getting kind of confused. It is not like Apple to screw up a launch like this. Motorola and Apple both have some REALLY BIG NEWS coming out on September 7th, but both of them announced a BIG BIG PARTY at once, which makes me think that Apple might have a few things to show, not just one iPod Phone. The fact that Motorola's launch cooincides with Apple's launch obviously points to the ROXR coming to fruition, but considering the secrecy of Apple's past launches, this is a massive breach, even if it's caused by a partner. I'm kinda worried they might be releasing the iPod Tickle, an iPod vibrator.

Sources Confirm Motorola iTunes Phone [eWeek]
Cingular to offer iTunes phone, WSJ [MobileTracker]


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