Rumor Smash: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Doesn't Have Hidden 3G Powers (Yet)

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Even though Vodafone is gleefully selling Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 with built-in 3G, it turns out that Mini 9s sold in the US actually don't possess latent 3G powers like that annoying kid on Heroes. A solid source close to the matter told us that while every Mini 9 uses the same motherboard with a port for integrated mobile broadband ('cause it's cheaper than using two versions), the mini 9s sold so far in the US don't have the antenna or radio for 3G. However, they will by the end of the year, with Dell's usual range of mobile broadband options.


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Something I read the other day showed a motherboard without the second slot on that will piss me off. When I get mine I'm going to pop the back on it. If I got one with no second slot there's a good chance it's going straight back to dell. I don't care about 3G that much but I do care about a free pcie expansion slot because several are saying you could possibly pop another ssd drive in that spot or possibly other things also that use the pcie interface. I got mine loaded with the bluetooth and the camera, yes it's a low priced low horsepower unit (got mine primarily for a gps unit in the car since a good gps costs just as much with less functionality) but I'll be pretty mad if they started selling units with the two slots and now we don't get it. I'm on tmobile if I want cell net I can tether through my MDA but tmobile not offering 3G in florida yet so it's barely faster than dialup but in a pinch it's really all you need.