Rumor Smashed: Optimus Keyboard Not Delayed, Was Always Shipping in February [Updated]

We're not sure where got their info that the Optimus Keyboard was delayed until late February '08, because from all the info we've got from Art.Lebedev in the past few months (here and here) says that's the targeted ship date.


The ship date used to be December all the way back in May, so either Impress is late with the postponement part of their story, or they're a bit off. Either way, if you've preordered the keyboard, Art.Lebedev will actually ship you a keyboard in December, but you won't be able to use the firmware because that won't be ready until February. [Impress]

Update: Optimus themselves have updated the situation, saying that standard shipments are still on track for February, but if you want a unit they will deliver it soon (but with only PC software, Mac software won't be ready until late January). Nothing's really changed, but they did explain that the slowness in development was caused by a Philips coprocessor that was so new that they had to work with draft documentation.

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