WinRumors is reporting that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will reveal parts of Windows 8 during tomorrow night's CES keynote, mainly related to future slates they have planned. In addition, there should be new Windows Phone and Xbox announcements.

According to WinRumors, their strategy for revealing Windows 8 will probably be similar to what they did for Windows 7, where they revealed a few UI elements at All Things D, then unveiled everything months later. And further proving that Microsoft is interested in ARM-based processors, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are all on board for Windows 8-optimized products. This also seems to be a concession of sorts by Microsoft: they're admitting that a full-blown, current-generation operating system isn't meant to run on a tablet/slate. Not yet, at least. The ARM-based version of Windows will likely be stripped down to its most elemental functions—whether that be for the living room or touch screen—and will be a very different experience from the desktop iterations.


Paired with their rumored set-top box, tomorrow night should be interesting. [WinRumors via TechMeme]