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Rumor: Windows Mobile 6.1 Coming in February

Illustration for article titled Rumor: Windows Mobile 6.1 Coming in February

The original story's been pulled, but had an interesting rumor about a possible Windows Mobile 6.1 coming next February at 3GSM. The supposed new features are a "carousel" UI where you scroll left and right for features, as well as other small fixes. There shouldn't be anything spectacular in a point release, and any mindblowing changes to Windows Mobile will be coming in Windows Mobile 7 sometime possibly late next year. In any case, file this under interesting rumor. [Pocketinfo via WMExperts]


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@hughjass: I totally agree. I'm sick of hearing people whine about not getting WM6 upgrades. It's a very minor incremental upgrade anyway. And every time you flash an upgrade like this, a percentage of phones get bricked - it's unavoidable. So tell me, why would Verizon bother to spend the engineering and customer support costs to offer a free OS upgrade to the tiny percentage of smartphone owners who even give a rats ass about it (those of us on these forums that is)? Besides, do you think Microsoft is offering free WM6 licenses to Verizon? I think not.

If you were a Verizon shareholder you sure wouldn't be advocating upgrades - it's a huge money looser.