We've been hearing for months about "Normandy", the rumored Android phone that Nokia's supposedly got in the works. @evleaks, the source of many of those rumors, has a fresh one for us: A UI that looks a lot like Windows Phone.


On Monday, @evleaks posted a photo of the phone showing a homescreen complete with an icon for Nokia MixRadio, which strongly resembles WinPho's Live Tiles UI. Today's leak shows a listing of applications, also similar to the secondary display on Windows Phone. Gasp!

If we're to believe The Verge and others, this is a UI—possibly a fork—that has been tossed over Android, and not just some weird iteration of Windows Phone. Both options seem weird, but we agree that the Android proposal is less weird. We'll have to wait and see what Nokia's got in store for us—if they've got anything in the works at all. [@evleaks]


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