Rumored Olympus Kit Lens Looks to Solve Lens Cap Agony

A new Olympus OMD mirrorless camera is (supposedly) just around the corner. Along with it is a new 14-42mm pancake zoom lens. I know, another kit lens—boring. But that lens may include a new type of lens cap that could save you the endless annoyances of fumbling and losing those round plastic sheaths.


The lens cap that appears in an image leaked to Digicame-info shows a front cover that is retractable, operated by a twisting motion of sorts. It resembles the lens caps of point-and-shoot cameras, which don't come off the camera at all. This one looks to be removable. If designed well, I can imagine a whole lot of saved frustration over finnicky lens caps—the bane of many a photographer's existence. [Digicame-info via 43Rumors]

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