RunPee Will Tell You When to Leave to Pee in Movies

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Confession: After a day of coffee and a huge XXL Coke, and fighting my bladder for two hours, I had to run to pee during Star Trek. I wish I knew about RunPee then.


RunPee is a movie review site.

However, it won't tell you about how bad Terminator Salvation is. It won't tell you about how bad the Terminator Salvation plot is. Or about how bad is the script it. It won't tell you about its crappy editing or its awful direction or the stupid John Connor trying to pull a Batman while shouting at everyone and everything.


No. RunPee will tell you what are the best parts to leave the movie for a few minutes, so you can run to the loo. Unfortunately,the site is down now, but I'll review Terminator Salvation for them here, so they can put it online later:

Click to viewStay at home and poop for the duration of the movie. You will end with the same result, and a much satisfying experience. [Runpee via A Welsh View via The Daily What—Thanks Rebecca]

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wow, everyone is coming down really hard on this movie. Im wondering if i should just wait now for the "dvd"