S50 Sirius-ly Crippled by the RIAA

The portable sat-radio scene is in an uproar today over several unexpected "features" of the Sirius S50 portable audio player. It turns out that only shows without music can be saved to the device via the Scheduled Recording. You are only allowed to record ONE SONG at a time, and when the song is over the recording automatically stops. The number of shows you can schedule is limited to 20, and there is a max time of 2 hours for each recording session. Why weren't these so-called features acknowledged when the S50 was first announced? It's not clear, but Sirius posted an update to the user manual just this weekend. Orbitcast speculates that this is related to the RIAA's "stranglehold on the 2006 License Renewals" and further wonders how this will affect the Dell DJ Satellite and Samsung neXus (which has already been delayed).


Sirius S50: Tainted by the RIAA? [Orbitcast]

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