SAG Strike: Much Ado About Nothing, Or Disaster For Scifi?

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With all the fussing and fretting over the possible Screen Actors Guild strike, it's surprising that it's so far gone nowhere, and doesn't seem to be harming our beloved scifi movies at all. Was it the fact that people were tired of talking about a strike or did the public just not care what the actors had to say? The bottom line, movies are robot soldiering on, and to prove it Terminator 4 published some set pictures. Click through for T4 pics and strike round up.

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On Tuesday the studios made their final offer to SAG. Of course the actors are all still mulling over the negotiations, but no word yet if there will be a strike. That being said, many movies are moving forward with filming schedules.

Terminator 4's John Connor and Dark Knight's Batman, Christian Bale didn't seem to pleased about the possibility of a strike. In an interview with ReelComix he tried to blow it off, but you could see he yearns for work, "I mean clearly I hope there is nobody out there who wants to have a strike. I hope that everybody wants to be able to make a deal. The industry has been reeling from the writers strike, people have barely recovered from that. [So] I cannot understand why anyone would be desiring a strike rather then make a deal."

Even pugnacious Hellboy star Ron Perlman hoped for peace and told the Associated Press, "I hope that cool heads prevail and that people get a chance to work...I'm hoping and praying that they find some middle ground."

I think Batman and Big Red's sentiments are shared with much of Hollywood. Didn't they punish the middle guy enough? Think of the grips, makeup artists and set designers and artists that would have to go with out movie money again. With the ever impending recession, it's no wonder that half of Hollywood isn't living in a old timey Hoovervilles anyways. But if it happens, they'll both be prevented from talking to the press or working on any upcoming projects at all. Heroes producer Tim Kring says the show's third season will be totally ruined if the strike goes forward.

Big-budget scifi films Terminator 4 and Transformers 2 have decided to push through the strike as of right now. (Although Transformers 2's filming schedule built in a "hiatus" around now to work on visual-effects stuff without any actors, in case the worst happens.) According to the New York Times both studios seem to believe it will all work out. But just in case both movies have been filming at a feverish rate (Transformers 2 almost constantly) is this a mad dash to finish what they still can before the actors whose egos are bruised cause an all out riot?


So it looks like the big scifi movies will keep burning the candle at both ends until they can't anymore, but what of our beloved Comic-Con?

Slash film speculates that we could be seeing a celebrity-free Comic-Con. Which they deem a positive thing, and I tend to agree. Why waist time standing in line for a pictures with a celebrity when you can now spend countless more hours bothering writers and producers for spoilers. Plus imagine the fan boy riots when they find out Leonard Nimoy isn't coming - priceless!




A strike is good, as long as they show willpower and won't cave in like cowards. Actors as it is now, are seriously abused by the current contract in place, it's about time someone with a spine took a stand.