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Sam Raimi to do apocalyptic scifi western

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After he directs a prequel to Wizard of Oz, Sam Raimi is going an even more awesomely weird direction. He's adapting scifi western comic Earp: Saints for Sinners.

According to Film Stage:

The film is "set in a future in which he [Earp] takes on outlaws in a ravaged society where the only boomtown left is Las Vegas." Matt Cirulnick (Paid In Full) is writing the script and he also created the comic.


One of Raimi's most underrated flicks is a fantastic, genre-bending Western called The Quick And The Dead - with Sharon Stone as a seriously kickass gunslinger, and Leo DiCaprio as her boytoy. Plus Russell Crowe and Gene Hackman! Why did you miss that movie?

With Raimi tackling Earp, I feel like the scifi Western subgenre is about to get its best entry since Firefly. Check out the frenetic action in the comic, pictured below. Yes, this has Raimi written all over it. In blood!


via The Film Stage