Sam Worthington Sorts Out Those Flash Gordon Rumors

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Excited about the prospect of seeing Avatar's Sam Worthington take on Ming The Merciless in a new cinematic take on Flash Gordon, as recently rumored? Don't be: Worthington himself seems to know nothing about it.


Ain't It Cool News asked the Terminator Salvation and Clash of The Titans star about the rumors, and he replied via email,

[T]here is no validity to the rumours... [S]ometimes, as you know, studios tend to just scat ideas and they leak out - but its the first i have heard about it mate.

Good. Not that we aren't Worthington fans, or wouldn't like to see a (well done) Flash Gordon movie, but still: After Terminator, Avatar and Titans, it'd be nice to see someone else get a shot at heroic roles for a bit.

Sam Worthington tells me there's no truth to the Flash Gordon rumors [Ain't It Cool]



I'm a big Worthington fan, but I'm a bit happy about this. He's a great actor, and I'd rather not see him type cast into the sci-fi/fantasy hero genre. I think the column had the right idea, put him in a real crime film. In a Christopher Nolan film maybe? He first came to my attention in the Australian MacBeth film, and that was totally different than his latest films, yet he was really good. He should do a bit less action (not that he's not good, I can't wait for Clash), and a bit more crime/drama. Maybe even a comedy. Tarantino movie?