Sammy Sosa's Pinterest Page Is Just Photos of Sammy Sosa Posing Over and Over

Illustration for article titled Sammy Sosas Pinterest Page Is Just Photos of Sammy Sosa Posing Over and Over

Remember Sammy Sosa, the guy who was hitting all those home runs? He's back—in Pinterest form. This page will be the most bizarre and perhaps mentally ill thing you see on the Internet this week.


Every single photo has the exact same caption. Every single photo is of Sammy Sosa smiling at the camera. One photo depicts Sammy Sosa posing with his computer monitor, throwing up a "sideways peace sign" hand gesture. As you scroll down, he suddenly changes into a yellow sweater. There are no photos of muffins or wedding inspiration doilies. Either Sammy Sosa is using Pinterest wrong, or everyone else is.

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'being from the UK, when I see the 'backwards peace sign' makes me sigh... I know what it's supposed to mean, but to me it just looks like you're "giving me the V's", an offensive gesture akin to the middle finger, 'up yours' sign in the US.

It's not a peace sign, it's a 'V' sign.. 'V for Victory' etc, and has a long long history, but I digress. (

Imagine me holding up my middle finger in the US, walking around saying, "..I my country it means peace...please accept it as I've never looked outside my own countries boundaries, and therefore I'm a smiling ignorant idiot "

Why should the US have a different peace sign than the rest of the world ?

I'm not saying that this guy is a smiling ignorant idiot, but I don't think people should not accept this form of 'peace sign' without understanding the history... perhaps the same person that told him to wear the yellow sweater told him, 'all the kids are doing it'..

Indeed the sweater is equally or more offensive.. :)