Samsung Announces Three Fast Response Time LCD Displays

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Three monitors announced today from Samsung—two 19-inchers and one 17-incher. The SyncMaster 971P is a 19-inch "premium" monitor that has a triple hinge stand and a black bezel. It has a crazy pretty decent 6ms response time, 1500:1 contrast ratio, 178/178 degree viewing angle and a native 1280x1024 resolution. The triple hinge lets you contort it like Plastic Man from DC (screw Marvel). It should retail for $379.99 soon.

The other two, SyncMaster 731BF and the SyncMaster 931BF have an even more impressive 2ms response time and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. They both can support 1280x1024 resolution, and are priced lower than the 971 at $249.99 and $299.99 respectively. So if you're going for performance, hit up the latter two, but if you really like the stand design, the SyncMaster 971P is for you.