Samsung BD-C8000 Portable Blu-ray Player Is 3D Capable, But Don't Bother Packing Glasses

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Samsung debuted the world's first 3D-capable Blu-ray player today, but don't get too excited about relaxing to a 3D movie on a long flight. The BD-C8000 doesn't offer 3D on-the-go, just when hooked up to a 3DTV.


That doesn't mean it's not a handy little player on its own right; its plays 1080p on that 10.3-inch screen, has built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI, and can access Samsung Apps if you're so inclined. And when you're not traveling, the BD-C8000 can handle 3D playback when it's hooked up to a 3DTV and you're wearing the requisite 3D glasses.

One point of concern: the battery life is listed at three hours—which almost certainly means a decent amount less. So while you've probably got enough juice for a decent-length flick, don't bank on making it through The Godfather: Part II. It's available now for $500, along with the BD-C7900 (featuring two HDMI outputs), BD-C6800, and BD-C5900, all home 3D Blu-ray players priced between $230 and $400.

Samsung's also adding to their home theater line-up, leading with the HT-C9950W—7.1 channel 3D surround sound, ipod/iphone dock, two HDMI inputs, a wireless dongle, and a "premium volume wheel"—which will be available in October for $1800. It's meant as a companion piece to that super-slim C9000 LED TV, but you go right ahead and put whatever TV on it you want.

It's a all part of a big 3D push by Samsung, which after today offers more than 30 3D products.


New Blu-Ray Players and Home Theater Systems Offer Immersive 3D Experience At Home
RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, August 11, 2010 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market
leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the U.S.
availability of the world's first portable Blu-ray player with 3D capability. The Samsung BD-
C8000 delivers true 1080p HD video, enables 3D playback when connected to a 3D-capable
TV and used with 3D glasses, and features a brilliant 10.3-inch screen. It includes built-in Wi-
Fi for easy access to advanced connectivity features, including an expanding library of content
and applications via Samsung Apps and HDMI 1.4a support. With three hours of battery life,
the Samsung BD-C8000 is the perfect travel companion for anyone who wants an outstanding
entertainment experience while on the go.

Samsung also introduced three additional standalone Blu-ray players and three new Blu-ray
Home Theater Systems that deliver crystal-clear picture and sound quality with new features
that will excite both the first-time owner and the audiophile.

"Blu-ray has raised the bar for video and audio quality that consumers expect to see at home.
We led the way in 3D TVs and are excited to do the same for 3D Blu-ray players and Home
Theater Systems. With the industry's broadest line-up of 3D capable home entertainment
products, there is a product to suit every home and wallet," said John Revie, senior vice
president of Home Entertainment at Samsung Electronics America Inc.

Expanded Range of 3D-Capable Blu-ray Players Helps Future-Proof Entertainment Options
Samsung's latest Blu-ray players bring the wonder of 3D entertainment into the home. The
Samsung BD-C7900 Blu-ray player is designed for the HD guru. With two HDMI outputs, the
BD-C7900 makes it easy to connect multiple HD sources to experience a full 1080p picture
and digital surround sound. The two HDMI outputs also allow for support of legacy receivers
so there is no need to upgrade to a new HDMI 1.4 receiver; the user can simply connect
their receiver to the HDMI 1.3 output for rich, lifelike surround sound audio. This sleek and
stylish device offers built-in WiFi for seamless connectivity to Samsung Apps. It also features
Samsung's proprietary AllShare™, which allows people to wirelessly sync digital devices so
that they can enjoy music, movies and photos directly from their DLNA certified PC, camera and
mobile devices to their Samsung TV screen.

For those looking for a versatile home entertainment experience, Samsung's BD-C6800 Blu-ray
player includes built-in WiFi enabling it to wirelessly receive web-based content via Samsung
Apps and playback media files from DLNA certified devices via Samsung's AllShare™. The
entry-level BD-C5900 is designed for those looking for a high-performing yet affordable 3D Blu-
ray player.

All Samsung Blu-ray players support a wide range of media formats and access to an
expanding library of applications through Samsung Apps, the first HDTV-based applications
store. These new 3D Blu-ray players deliver a premium experience with both 2D and 3D
content and allow consumers to future-proof their living rooms for when they are ready to
purchase a 3D HDTV.

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Powerful New Blu-ray Home Theater Systems Deliver Immersive 3D Experience

The Samsung HT-C9950W is the ultimate combination of beauty, design and performance. It
features a modern metallic finish and is the perfect complement to Samsung's award-winning
9000 series LED TV. It delivers jaw-dropping home theater picture quality, and engaging, life-
like and immersive entertainment experience that will please anyone looking for the best in
home cinema. The HT-C9950W is as feature-rich as it is stylish – with slot-in disc loading,
organic touch control buttons and a premium volume wheel. The 7.1 channel 3D surround
sound system consists of four floor-standing speakers, two satellite speakers, one center
channel unit, an anti-vibration subwoofer, iPod/iPhone dock, two HDMI inputs, and it comes with
a dongle for wireless Internet connectivity so that you can easily access new content everyday
via Samsung Apps, or use Samsung's AllShare™ to watch content from your DLNA certified
devices on the TV.

With the introduction of the HT-C6900W and HT-C6600, Samsung brings together the
unsurpassed picture quality of 3D Blu-ray players with vibrant surround-sound audio, all in the
perfect home theater package for small spaces.

The Samsung HT-C6600 offers an impressive slate of features – a Blu-ray player with built-in
3D, support for HDMI 1.4, access to Samsung Apps and WiFi dongle for wireless connectivity.
In addition, the HT-C6600's patented, high-performance Crystal Amp Pro technology
dramatically enhances sound quality through its multi-variable feedback technology to deliver a
complete immersive audio experience. The Samsung HT-C6900W offers all the features of the
HT-C6600, plus wireless rear speakers, built-in WiFi, and a two-way center channel speaker for
enhanced sound quality.

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It might not have a big enough screen to appreciate Blu-Ray movies, but it still has great pixel density for a display that size. For comparison:

iPhone 4: 326 ppi on 3.5"

Droid: 265 ppi on 3.7"

iPad: 132 ppi on 9.7"

Syncmaster 226BW (my monitor): 90 ppi on 22"

Samsung BD-C8000: 214 ppi on 10.3"