Samsung Demos Carbon Nanotube-Based Color E-paper

Illustration for article titled Samsung Demos Carbon Nanotube-Based Color E-paper

Looks like I really wasn't wrong when I said e-paper is in the news: Samsung's just demonstrated its own funky e-paper tech, only this time the display uses carbon-nanotube electrode technology—also a technology that's in the news. The color carbon nanotube active matrix electrophoretic display (say that after a few pints of beer) works by rearranging charged pigment particles with an electric field, and is one of the first large-scale color displays of its type. Plus it has the advantage of being flexible as well as demanding low power. And since Samsung's display is 14.3-inches across, it's making our dreams of next-gen e-books even more tantalizing. [Gizmag]

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Sounds very interesting! If you don't get the significance of e-paper then you're probably someone who wouldn't have understood the need for a "horseless carriage" in the late 19th century either!