Samsung Galaxy Fold: Our Closest Look Yet at the Next Generation of Phones

People have been talking about the idea of flexible phones for years now, but with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold on April 26th, we’re staring that future in the face.


Priced at $1,980, the Galaxy Fold is far from affordable. And yet, based on my initial experience with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung made something that at least forces you to question if all that money might be worth it. Even with Samsung’s history of pushing boundaries, that’s not a feeling I expected to have.

Yes, there are still several things foldable phones need to improve like the crease, the thickness, the weight, and more, but at the very least, Samsung has proven flexible screens can be more than a gimmick.


So here’s a closer look at the Galaxy Fold from its first-ever preview session. And if you prefer the written word, check out our first impressions. We’ll have a full review of this wacky idea soon.

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We’re approaching that time when for the vast majority of people, the phone will replace the laptop. That’s why the Fold is so important. Suddenly, $2k won’t seem so ridiculous.