Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Why Do You Exist?

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While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 appears to be a much better attempt at a seven-inch tablet than the original (it runs Ice Cream Sandwich, which, you know, is actually designed for tablets), is it reeeeeeally that necessary to revisit the past when the company already makes 7.7, 8.9, and 10.1-inch tablets as well?


The Galaxy Tab 2 has a dual-core, 1 GHz processor, a gig of RAM, the option of 3G data and 32 GB of internal storage (to go with the obligatory microSD card slot). Not horrible, but this thing will be a full generation behind other devices in less than six months. At 0.41 inches and 12.1 ounces, it's thinner and lighter than the original Galaxy tab, which was 0.47 inches and 13 ounces, but it's also not a radical engineering feat either.


So why in the hell does this thing exist? As of late, Samsung has been all about pushing their premium devices in the mobile space, but this one is decidedly plain and boring. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, which leaves room for a couple of theories. First, it's possible this never sees the light of day in the US, and is merely an attempt to gain market share in other regions.

Or maybe this ends up being a sub-$200 device intended to compete with the likes of the Kindle Fire. Of course it won't have a content library to compete with Amazon, but it will have a newer, better version of Android and a more capable feature set than Amazon's offering.

But until we get more details, all we can ask is: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? [Samsung]

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Meh, I'm holding out for a 7.1" model.


Seriously though, after reading the comments are people really not getting that the questions is due to the fact that they have the barely bigger 7.7" model and soon-to-be outdated internals?

Did people lose their brains over the weekend, or do a lot of people just have to fly to Samsung's defense any time a non-positive thing is said about them?