Samsung Galaxy Tab Listed for $1,030 on German Amazon

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A Samsung product exec told the WSJ that the Galaxy Tab would retail for between $200 - $300 in the US, but over on Amazon Germany, a 799 Euro price-tag has been affixed to the tablet.


That's a hefty figure, I'm sure you'll agree, but I'm sure one popular method of purchasing the Galaxy Tab would be via carrier subsidizing—though do you really need another monthly contract in your lives? [Amazon via]



I know there are three types of people that visit Giz, and I fall into the second half that can't count. Just because Amazon Germany is listing a product that is not currently available for 799 Euro does not in any way indicate the price that it will be sold for anywhere else (or even in Deutschland) when it is actually released. Actual pricing: Somewhere between two hundred and a thousand. Now, aren't you overwhelmed with my mathematics skills?