Samsung answered a few of the questions we had about its hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD player we told you about in early April, which was rumored to be on its way to a July release. Unlike LG's BH100, the only hybrid player now on the market that we noticed wasn't able to fully measure up to the HD DVD spec, the Samsung BDP-UP5000 will support all the interactive features of HD DVD including internet extras and interactive menus.


Samsung reps also said the player will be able to play movies at 1080p, another trick we couldn't get the LG BH100 hybrid to perform in our review.

Pricing for the Samsung BDP-UP5000 is said to be around $544, higher than a conventional single-format Blu-ray player. Damn. Might as well just buy one of each.

The company will first show the player at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung), a consumer electronics tradeshow to be held in Berlin on August 31. Expect it to ship by October or November.


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