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Samsung probably didn't think anyone would notice that its original i300 Smartphone was released way back in 2001, but we've finally got some leaked info this weekend on the new incarnation of the phone. Certainly sleeker and more attractive, the i300 has a 3GB hard drive, 64 MB of RAM and is being run off WM 5.0. It is also being positioned as the "first world musical smartphone." Slim and light for what it is, it includes a 1.3 megapixel camera (with flash) and a new wheel control. The side of the phone has four control buttons and a loudspeaker and two light indicators (for battery charge, bluetooth, reminders and alarms and showing you when you no longer have GSM coverage) are placed right above the screen. You also get a Micro SD slot, which is nice considering the huge hard drive. For music, you'll be bummed there's no 3.5 mm jack, which means you can only use the standard Samsung headphones. But there is USB 2.0 and it supports "Plug-and-Play Files to go" and you can play music off included Windows Media Player. Plays MMF, MIDI, WMA or MP3 files and should be running around $550.