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Samsung IceTouch: Hands On the See-Through OLED PMP

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Samsung IceTouch seems odd with its AMOLED touchscreen and rubbery-looking bottom half, but it's fun to use and designed to keep your fingers from getting stiff while handling it. Ok, and the transparent display is just plain awesome.


Basically, the IceTouch is a pretty standard PMP except it has a nifty AMOLED screen with one-way transparency.

That odd bottom half comes in either blue or pink, and it has two purposes. One is to hide the the components which keep the screen running—in non-transparent displays, those are behind the screen itself—and the other is to make the player ergonomic. Using only the top half of a player for controls forces you to hold the device in a manner which is easier on your hands. Of course, the gadget spends most of its time in your pocket, so that may not be a concern, but it's a clever design consideration.


What really kept us amused with the IceTouch though, is the fact that you can set the screen to be mirrored and control the device by tapping the display from behind. It's an entirely random feature, but it could be useful and it's just plain crazy fun to toy around with.

We don't have any pricing or shipping information yet, but we do know that the IceTouch is entertaining to play with. How long the lookie-wow factor of the transparent display lasts though is questionable.