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Samsung 'Louvre' Is the Omnia Pro

Illustration for article titled Samsung Louvre emIs/em the Omnia Pro

Samsung "revealed" a few handsets today at an event in Singapore, first and foremost confirming that the OLED, WXGA, Windows Mobile Louvre B7610 is, in fact, the rumored Omnia Pro, pictured second from the right. Also present were the already-announced I7500 Android phone, the megapixel-obsessed Pixon 12 and the Jackie B7320, an Epix-like candybar.


Details for now are tentative—though the rumored specs look likely—so we'll have to wait until the almost-certainly-related English language Samsung Unpacked event scheduled for a bit later today to get the full rundown. [Akihabara]

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Ok I'll take ten of the model on the left.