Samsung Monitors With Actually Meaningful "World's Highest" Contrast Ratios

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The absolutely ridiculous contrast ratios you see on most display refer to their dynamic contrast ratio, a virtually meaningless spec. But Samsung's F2380MX and F2370H have the world's highest static contrast ratio for an LCD monitor.

The reason dynamic contrast ratio is meaningless is that it just measures that lightest and darkest a display is capable of producing, so it doesn't say a whole lot. Static contrast ratio actually says something, because it's the ratio between the lightest and darkest a display can show at the same time.


The 23-inch F2380MX and F2370H have a static contrast ratio of 3000:1 (which Samsung says equates to 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio). They're Korea-only for now, but hopefully they make their way over here (and manufacturers start talking about static contrast ratio, instead of confusing people with overblown dynamic numbers). [Samsung via Slashgear]