Samsung SC-MX20 Is YouTube, PMP Friendly With H.264 Shooting

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Samsung's SC-MX20 follows up the MX10 with some fairly useful features such as h.264 video mode for better YouTube, iPod, iPhone and PMP compatibility, as well as a max 720x480 resolution for DVD-quality video. It stores up to 16 hours on one 32GB SDHC card, has three hours of battery life (best-in-class they claim?), 34x optical zoom, image stabilization and "3D noise reduction." Out in August for $280 in black, red and white. Not too bad a price if you're looking to go a little higher than the entry-level Flip cams. Not having to re-encode everything you shoot is real nice too. [Samsung via Electronista]


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I have Samsung SC-HMX10c and it keeps telling me to format my 16 gb SDHC card. So I format it with the camera as instructed then it lets me record a small video, but I cannot record another clip nor can I restart camera without the format notice. Neither Samsung nor Patriot are able to help me. The card works on my pc and the camera supports up to 32 gb SDHC. What gives?