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The Samsung SGH-i600 runs Windows Mobile 5, just like the Motorola Q, but is tri-band GSM instead of Verizon's CDMA. Other notable features: EDGE, HSDPA (yay for Cingulites), 320x240 TFT display, 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, microSD expansion slot, and a TI OMAP 1710 processor that goes up to 220MHz. I personally enjoy WM5 phones, even if they do tend to crash a lot thanks to its complexity. So this may be one phone worth waiting for.

The good news is the FCC's already approved it, so look forward to getting your GSM-laden hands on it sometime soon.



Samsung SGH-i600: Windows Mobile a HSDPA (prv dojmy) [Mobilmania via Slashgear]