Samsung Silencio Is Unofficial Halo Vacuum Cleaner

Illustration for article titled Samsung Silencio Is Unofficial Halo Vacuum Cleaner

The Samsung Intergalactic Empire, makers of everything from memory chips to TVs to gas tankers and probably complete Death Stars, also make vacuum cleaners like the new Silencio ("silence" in Spanish.) It doesn't only trap 99.3% of the dust with a suction power rating of 360 "air watts" (whatever that is in the metric system; perhaps 124.5 Jenna Jamesons) and is coated in silver nano-particles to avoid bacteria and smell, but it also looks like a a sci-fi helmet. And not any helmet, but our favorite: Master Chief's helmet. [Samsung via OhGizmo!]


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I don't know what's worse - the fact that Halo fans will soon be buying these for double the cost on eBay like idiots cause you told them it looks like Master Chief, or that some of them will actually try wearing one. Suck what little brains they have left out.