Samsung Wants to Block all iPods, iPhones, and iPads from the US

Last we heard, Apple brought the you-copied-our-shit fight to Samsung's home turf. Now Samsung's firing back, asking the International Trade Commission to ban US imports of every iPod, iPhone and iPad.


If the ITC hears the case, it'll be 16-18 months before a decision is reached. [FOSSPatents]



According to the source article, Samsung is basing their claim on 5 patents. Even if they win, there won't be a block on Apple devices. Best case scenario for Samsung would be if the courts ruled in their favor on one or more of these patents and required Apple to license them for a fee.

Pretty stupid move on Samsung's part considering that Apple is their largest customer of components (chipsets, screens, etc.). I don't see this ending well for Samsung. They will probably lose in court and more importantly, will lose one of their biggest customers.