Samsung Will Announce the Future of Galaxy Phones Today—How to Watch Live

Mobile World Congress starts in Barcelona, Spain, next week, and ahead of all the announcements from that show Samsung’s pointing the spotlight at itself today by announcing the Galaxy S10, at least a couple of other variants, and possibly even the company’s much-hyped folding mobile device. Here’s how to watch it all unfold today.


The easiest way to tune into the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, which starts at 2 p.m. ET, or 11 a.m. PT today, is to simply head on over to the company’s website where the event is splashed across the front page. If you want to save yourself a click or two, here’s a link to the dedicated page that will be hosting the official livestream. But if you’re planning to tune in on a mobile device, or a streaming box that doesn’t have a browser, you’ll also be able to watch the live stream through the YouTube app via Samsung Mobile’s official channel.

Samsung’s announcements have been steadily leaking over the past few weeks, and it’s strongly rumored that today we’ll see the new Galaxy S10 which will include a less-obtrusive, front-facing hole-punch camera, which the company first tested on the Galaxy A8S. The S10 might also include a three-lens camera setup on the back (standard, telephoto, and wide-angle lenses) with the fingerprint sensor being moved to the front of the handset again, positioned under the glass like the OnePlus 6T. The Galaxy S10 is also rumored to maintain the traditional headphone jack, and be available with up to a full terabyte of onboard storage.

The Galaxy S10 will also share today’s spotlight with the larger S10+ that could potentially pack even more storage, and the smaller S10E: a lite variant that will be cheaper, but at the cost of more advanced features like the under screen fingerprint reader.

Today’s event could also include official reveals of the leaked Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch, Galaxy Fit and Fit e fitness trackers, and Galaxy Buds wireless headphones. But far more interesting than those accessories would be the reveal of Samsung’s first mobile device that uses a flexible OLED display to fold and change its form factor. We got our first sneak peek at it back at the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference in November of last year, but today could be the day when we solid details on when it will be available, and how much it’s going to cost—just don’t expect it to be cheap.


We’ll have full coverage and analysis of all of Samsung’s announcements later today, as well as everything being revealed, announced, and updated at Mobile World Congress next week.



I think I’ll be waiting for the S11, which *should* be based on the A90 concept. That’s pretty much the ideal phone for me - “new infinity” display - truly full screen, no holes, no notches, VERY minimal bezels, and hopefully a pop-up front camera. I predict the S10's hole punch (especially with the bigger hole on the S10+) will constantly trigger my OCD, and it’ll just drive me crazy! It’s also possible one of the upcoming foldable phones will catch my eye and sway me...exciting times ahead!