Samsung X Series Ultraportables Can't Beat Sony's X

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Sony impressed yesterday with its .55 inch thin X Series and 24 hours later Samsung is out with its own X Series. The Sammys look good at under an inch thick but they've got nothing on Sony's thin ass.


The 11.6-inch Samsung X120 could be Sony's evil fraternal twin being that it isn't as attractive or as thin at .95 inches. There will also be a 14-inch X420 and 15.6-inch X520. They are said to be as light as four pounds and will have a 9 hours of run time.

Samsung wouldn't say exactly what Intel chip is inside, but said it was dual core. Could it be Intel's soon to be released ultra low voltage (ULV) dual core processors? The reported $1,000 price hints at that being the case. Oh and we are going to go with a definite preload of Windows 7 here.

Samsung has also packed Phoenix's FailSafe software in the new line. It now apparently takes your picture at boot up and it will sends it to its servers to verify you are who you say you are. I guess it is kind of like FindMyiPhone for PCs.


Doesn't look like its made of carbon fiber like the Sony, but it has matte casing and comes in pearl white, titanium silver, and pearl black.

Samsung also took the time to announce to new netbooks. The N130 looks identical to the older N110 and N120 models, but apparently can go all night long with 12 hours of battery life. [CNET and CrunchGear]



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