A Folding Smartphone, and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

Origami smartphones? Paying bills via Gmail? The first full Cyanogen smartphone? Yesterday was full of news and rumors you might have missed, that's why we put them all here in BitStream.


Samsung loves making bold claims and equally bold products. For 2014/15, the company wondered if they could make Edge displays something people would actually want. And while the jury is still out on that one, Samsung is rumored to be moving onto the Next Thing—foldable smartphones. A Samsung display analyst speaking with Business Korea says the commercialization of such a technology, which Samsung theoretically demoed in 2013 (see: GIF), would be possible by 2016. Of course, a similar statement has been made before saying that this tech would be available in 2015. So I'm still going to take a "I'll believe it when I see it" stance, but I'm all for rethinking what the smartphone is and what it could become. [Business Korea]

The FAA finally gave Amazon the OK to test its delivery drone... too bad the drone is already out of date. [WSJ]

Google Fiber continues a slow rollout across the United States. Next stop, Salt Lake City. [Google Fiber Blog]

Apps and Devices

BLU, known for low-end smartphones, is making a Cyanogen handset. Not a big deal? Well, this phone isn't going to have Google apps—at all. [Phandroid]

Pressure-sensitive drawing is coming to MacBooks with Inklet, one of the first apps to make use of Apple's new MacBook taptic feedback touchpad. [9to5Mac]

Ted Talks now has an app for Apple TV. Time to learn some stuff. [MacRumors]


A new Gmail feature may let you pay your bills via email. It's also called Pony Express. Cute. [Re/code]


A new Amazon service called "Unlocked" may be a Prime-like subscription but for a paid apps. Everything is a paid subscription now. [Android Guys]

YouTube is trying to relaunch its live-streaming service, focusing specifically on esports and gaming. I guess, they still forgot that Twitch exists. [Daily Dot]


Speaking of Twitch, somehow, unbelievably, Twitch's largest social experiment "Twitch Plays Pokemon" has now caught them all.

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I don't care what people say. Do want.

Seriously. I know that there might be problems with the implementation, but the fact is that we have gone from using our phones as calling and text messaging devices to (almost) full portable computers. This is why we have phablets and tablets, but then portability suffers. Making large screens more portable is a logical next step.