Samsung's Galaxy Gear Is Almost Definitely Coming on September 4th

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This morning, Bloomberg reports that Samsung Samsung is poised to unleash and Android-powered timepiece at its Unpacked event on September 4th ahead of IFA. Are you ready to wear a gadget called Galaxy Gear?

Additional details are lacking on the product, but as with Samsung's never-ending parade of smart gadgets, Galaxy Gear, if it's real, would almost certainly integrate in flashy ways with your Galaxy everything. We're not too excited to see how TouchWiz scales to wrist size.

Earlier this week, SamMobile reported that it had "confirmed" there would be a smartwatch at the IFA Unpacked event. During the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor parade earlier this year, SamMobile's sources nailed a couple of key details about the Samsung flagship ahead of its announcement, so we're comfortable taking their word for it here.


For months and months, rumor blogs and reputable business publications alike have been reporting that everyone from Apple to Microsoft to Samsung are developing smartwatch technology. And it's been almost certain the Samsung watch would be amongst the first of to launch, but until now we haven't known the date. We've been skeptical all along because there are plenty of reasons to think that any smartwatch product released today would be, uh, less than awesome. Everything that has been made so far seriously misses the mark.

But who knows? Maybe Gear will do for smartwatches what the iPhone did for smartphones. Someone's got to at some point. [Bloomberg]


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TouchWiz: Bad name. Two words that spell something I don't' want to do. Might as well call it "RubTurd"