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SanDisk's Sansa Connect Gets $100 Price Drop

Illustration for article titled SanDisks Sansa Connect Gets $100 Price Drop

The Sansa Connect Wi-Fi-enabled player we saw earlier this year is already getting a $100 price drop down to the pretty awesome price of $149. If you remember, the 4GB player lets you share your music with strangers like the Zune does, but it also lets you download unlimited Yahoo music right from the device as well. This is a pretty darn good deal now. []


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Spoke to a SanDisk rep before buying my e280 (love it, BTW) and he said there was going tobe a firmware update for these to support SDHC. He didn't know about the e280. But then again, the connect is a bit clunky for me, and yahoo music unlimited is 13 bucks a month! Too much for the lack of specific selection. Oh well. The e280 was $149 on Amazon when i bought it too.

There's my 2 scents.