Sansa slotRadio Comes With 1,000 Songs Preloaded

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Do you enjoy music but not enough to care what specific music you're listening to? Then the Sansa slotRadio is designed for you, it comes with 1,000 "hand picked" songs. No taste required.

Yes, Sandisk's newest Sansa makes acquiring music easier than ever, with 1,000 songs "handpicked from the Billboard charts" coming on a microSD card for use with the player. If you get bored of those songs, you can grab genre-specific 1,000 song bundles for $40 more.

It's a neat idea, what with the bundles bringing the costs of music down to a delicious 4 cents per song and cutting downloading out of the equation, but you've got to wonder what percentage of said songs will be ones you'll care about. I mean, I love music, but I love specific music, not just music in general. But hey, there are people out there who listen to light rock radio all day at work just to create background noise, so maybe there's more of a market for this stuff than I think. And hell, there's an FM radio integrated in there for those folks as well.


Oh, and the catch, if you were wondering, is that those $0.04 cent songs are locked to the card. No pulling them off onto your computer, no playing them on other devices, no backing up. Eep.

In any case, the Sansa slotRadio will be available in "early 2009" for $100 (1,000 song card included) at RadioShack.

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This is a weird idea, honestly. I am slightly intrigued by the 1000 random song idea and almost want to buy it. Being able to pick a genre for $40, though, may yield better results.