Sanyo keeps improving their Xacti video-cameras: their Xacti CG65 adds H.264 recording, MPEG-4 advanced video coding at 640 x 480 pixels and 30 frames per second, which uses less memory than previous versions while increasing the image quality. It now can store up to 80 minutes of high quality video in a one Gbyte Secure Digital HC card, and it will perfectly integrate with QuickTime 7 and your iPod to boot. Sanyo also says that they have improved the noise level of its 6 megapixel CCD for both photos and movies. The only drawback is that its weight has increased to 6 ounces from the previous 5.2, which is easily offset by its new lime green color. Anything lime wins points for a compulsive caipirinha drinker like me. A couple more photos after the jump.

Product page [Sanyo Japan via Akihabara News]