Sanyo extends its Xacti brand, formerly reserved for various cameras, into digital audio recorders with its Xacti ICR-PS285RM. It stores 2GB of your ramblings in MP3, PCM, WMA, or DRM10-WMA formats. The company says this slim voice recorder is able to save CD-quality audio, and we like the fact that it has a USB plug on it, letting you connect it right to a USB port without having to lug around an extra cable.

We think it's great there's 2GB of storage on board, but for a device like this we'd also like to see SD card support, giving us the ability to easily plug the recorded-upon card into our reader and get to transcribing. The latest Olympus voice recorders have the same deficiency: no removable storage. Is there some reason why voice recorder makers are shying away from flash memory cards? No word on whether this latest model is on its way to US shores or how much it will cost.


The Sanyo Xacti Digital Recorder [Akihabara News]