Sanyo Xacti S7

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Sanyo adds another addition to its Xacti line, the S7, packing 7.1 megapixels into its slimline form factor. Add to that a 2.5-inch LCD viewscreen along with video recording capability at 640x480/30fps, and you have yet another acceptable choice in this increasingly crowded field of compact shooters. One characteristic that sets the Xacti S7 apart from the burgeoning crowd is its ergonomic shape, with a slight bulge on its right side just under the shutter release that makes it easier to grip.

Other than that, we're wondering if the name Xacti refers to the fact that this camera has specs and dimensions that are Xactly like dozens of others just like it. How on earth would anyone decide which one to buy? We're thinking buyers will just be shopping price, but then Sanyo was not forthcoming with the price of the Xacti S7. Maybe we'll find out when it's introduced at Photokina 2006, which starts September 26.


Sanyo Xacti S7 [LetsGoDigital]

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