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Sarlacc Bundt Cake might just be the best Star Wars cake idea

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Great Pit of Carkoon might not be the first idea that comes to your head when you think of 'Star Wars cakes', but as this awesome Bundt cake shows, it works kind of amazingly.

Kathleen Siegle posted this delightful culinary creation over on her recipe blog, Yummy Crumbles, and while even without the Star Wars connection it'd be an amazing cake - Caramel Bundt Cake covered in salted caramel sauce and biscoff crumbles? Be still my rapidly beating heart! - but her simple way of geeking it up with a Sarlacc mouth in the center is absolutely perfect:


Siegle embedded slivered almonds around the inner ring of the cake - already filled with frosting (shush, calories don't count when it's the internet) - to represent the teeth of the Sarlacc, before propping in the tentacles and beak, made out of Madeleine batter, in the center. I'm sure there's going to be diehard Star Wars nerds out there who cry foul of the beak - one of many Lucas additions to Return of the Jedi's special edition - but hey, are you really going to advocate for less delicious Madeleine goodness? Didn't think so.

It might take the Sarlacc a thousand years to digest its victims, but I doubt it'd take anyone that long to devour a piece of this cake. There'd be no new definition of pain and suffering here!


[Yummy Crumbles]

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