Sasumamta: the Japanese Self-Defense Pole

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In Japan, guns are illegal, so people don't see them around all too often. Instead of fearing a mugger with a gun, they fear muggers with knives. The best way to keep a dude with a knife from cutting you? Keep him at a distance. That's the idea behind these Sasumatas, strange self-defense poles that are found hanging around Japanese schools. If a bad man tries to come at you, simply push him against the wall with a Sasumamta. It's a sort of logical yet also sort of ridiculous way to defend yourself, and I imagine that if I was in a school with these hanging on the walls we'd get into Sasumamta fights all the time. [The Low Down via Spulch]


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@Y2KGTP: They do a very good job of preventing firearms from entering the country, and since they have been illegal for such a long time the cost of one on the black market is extremely high. In the US a petty criminal can get a gun fairly easily through theft of buying one from another person or criminal who stole one, but in Japan he would have to first find one and then have enough money to buy it. The kind of money you're talking about would mean there is no reason for this guy to be mugging people in the first place.