The best Instagram that everyone should go follow right now, Satiregram, doesn't have any pictures at all. Or well, that's not completely true. It obviously has pictures but all of its Instagram pictures is just text captions describing terribly cliche pictures you always see on Instagram. It's riot-inducing hilarious because it's absolutely true.

If you spend any time on Instagram, you'll recognize the tired tropes and strikingly similar photos that almost everyone posts. It's because when we all fancy ourselves as photographers, we all end up photographing the same thing: Food. The sky. The skyline. The leaves. Our shoes. Our feet. Airplane wings. Clouds. Flowers. Our face. Our body. Our phone screenshot. Our food again.


And Satiregram completely nails all of us. Screw seeing photographs! Read a description of "I told my friend to take a picture of me standing under a tree while I look away in another direction. This is all I did today" and "this is my dog doing typical dog things" and "an Arizona Iced Tea" and then laugh out loud. It's worth the follow. [Satiregram via PetaPixel]