Satugo: Throw It and Show It

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I have a feeling this is as old as my mom, but I'll post it anyway. See, apparently you throw this ball at your "motive"—I suspect they mean "subject"—and it takes a digital picture. Satugo stands for See Aim Throw CaptUre and GO. SATCG didn't have the same ring, I guess.

The interface is obviously very interesting. You tap the bugger a few times to set the timer and then you throw the ball into a crowd or at some birds. The resulting images—if you can get anything by throwing your camera at birds—should be striking. Otherwise, you'll be getting a lot of pictures of pavement. They're probably trying to get a critical mass before they hit production, so drop them a line and tell them about all the great up-skirts you're planning. Should be about $69.


Product Page [Satugo]

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