This clever little kitchen tablet is splash-proof, and wipes down easily for marinara spills and greasy fingers—and the entire OS revolves around recipes and step-by-step cooking methods. It also stands on legs so you can use it hands-free. Hot!

Well, kind of. The Qooq is a 10-inch tablet at a great price point ($399). It has all kinds of apps built in—music and video players, a weather app, radio stations, Facebook and Twitter and web browsing, for example, are all there. And it's extremely recipe-forward, with 3600 recipes and videos so you can dish out the, er, dishes. The chefs leading the instructions are world-class, and if you can't follow along with them and serve yourself up something great, you pretty much don't deserve to eat.


But there's a lot of head-scratch as well. You get 50 new recipes a month... but only if you subscribe and pay a monthly fee which the company expects to be in the neighborhood of approximately 6 Euros a month. (Hey, they're French). Also, the Linux-based OS and software is all cooked up in-house. That may be awesome, but it's often a recipe for disaster.