Save a Ton of Money and Sign Up for Spotify's New Family Plan With Your Friends

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Do you love music and also saving money? Then you should cancel whatever streaming music service you’re signed up for and team up with five friends to get the new $15 Spotify Family plan. Seriously, you’re throwing away money if you don’t.


Spotify Family is not new, but that $15 price tag is. The deal (formerly $30) lets you sign up for Spotify Premium and add up to five additional account. You can add friends or family members and all enjoy full benefits for a premium account. And if you share the subscription fee with just one other person, you’ll already save a few bucks every month. If you share it with five, you’ll each be paying less than $3 a month for streaming music.

You can do the same deal with family plans from Apple Music or Google Play Music, both of which also offer six users for $15. This is surely why Spotify just dropped its price. But as we’ve said so before, Spotify is not perfect, but all things considered, it is simply the best streaming music service. Heck, if you’ve got a group of six ready to throw down, you could just sign up for all three streaming services and still pay less than $10 a month per person.


Do use the money you’re saving and buy concert tickets, though. Concerts are much more fun than listening to Spotify any day of the week.


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Inb4 “I have no friends”

Also, I do not have 6 friends I could do this with :( Time to make some babies with the girlfriend!