With all of the high-profile privacy lapses we've been seeing lately, no one would blame you for wanting to keep your Google searches, well, your Google searches. Google's new beta service does just that, protecting your queries with SSL encryption.


Whether the stuff you're searching for is illegal or just embarrassing, it's always a little reassuring to see the SSL lock in the corner of your browser. Google's new secure search—https://www.google.com/—encrypts your search requests and results to hide them from anyone who might be snooping around on your network.

Gmail and Google Docs have long had SSL, and the new secure search is only the latest in their effort to lock up your online activity. Google explains that the search is in beta for now to avoid confusion over what types of search are secured—maps and image search, for example, don't support SSL quite yet—and of course, Google reminds, they're still collecting all of your search data in the first place. Still, encrypted Google search is a welcome offering, especially at this particular internet moment. Log on and feel your paranoia melt away (at least for now). [Google Blog]

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