Scanner’s reworking of a track by Alan Dunn and Martyn Rainford is the latest in a series of efforts by the duo to explore the idea of “background.” The source audio for their remix is their A History of Background CD. This remix by Scanner is part of a dubplate made for an exhibit currently going on in Jamestown, New York, under the name Colonize. It’s a rich, constantly shifting piece, snatches of dubby static and gadgety fragments heard over a compelling electronic-tribal beat, bits of vocal tweaked and layered, filtered and muffled, until they’re just beyong ready comprehension — leaving them lingering in, as it were, the background.


Track originally posted for free download at More on the originating project at The Jamestown exhibit was funded thanks to a campaign. A previous remix in the series is by Dr Cyclops, and it is also available for free. Scanner promoted this on both his Facebook and Twitter pages, which are highly recommended.