But the last minute or so of the whole reel gives us our first glimpse at season four, Lil’ Bruce Wayne has decided to fully commit to this whole vigilante malarkey. Selina Kyle is out kicking ass on the streets following her cat-resurrection last season Poison Ivy and Penguin are ruling the roost at the Iceberg lounge—where the frozen cube containing Oswald’s former object of affection the Riddler now has pride of place. Oh, and Barbara somehow survived being electrocuted to death, and got a new haircut out of it to boot!


But the biggest deal is the return of Jonathan Crane, who’s hasn’t been seen since season one after his dad, attempting to cure him of fear, inadvertently sent the poor lad in a fear-centric psychotic breakdown (remember when he promptly saw a scarecrow immediately after freaking out, because Gotham loves subtlety?) that he was never going to recover from. Seems like three seasons later, Crane is feeling better and ready to put a burlap sack on his head, take on his comic book mantle, and hit the town. Given everything that’s happened since he disappeared, it seems like there’s a good chance he’s going to be more terrified by the people of Gotham than they are of him.

Gotham returns September 28.