Schadenfreude: iPhone Dropped 1 Second After Opening

What would you do if you opened up your iPhone box and dropped your precious phone before you could even look at it? We'd cry like a toddler that got kicked in the nuts, but Shawn is a braver man than we could ever be. Good on you for keeping a straight face, Shawn.

Thanks Ray!



To demystify this video from a first person perspective, as the guy holding the camera, what had happened was... he bought the phone at Houston's Apple store in the Galleria, then came to the AT&T store in the Gulfgate area. I had been video-blogging the people in line and when this guy showed up with one in hand, I wanted to see it - a few seconds later, the blunder was recorded. The iPhone landed on the plastic liner and didn't get a single scratch. He had already opened it before he got to my location. When I told him I wanted to put him on YouTube he said sure. That is probably the only time anyone outside my family has bothered to look at my videos. and yesterday it was the #3 video in all of YouTube... go figure!