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How many of you are reading this article when they should be getting some homework done? Tsk, Tsk. Well, we're not here to scold you: Keep clicking on those gadgets while you fail out of school, slacker! No? Well here's a fantastic scheduler for the kids called Schoolhouse by Logan Collins.

Schoolhouse takes the typical to-do application and remixes it for the over achieving student. With such features as an "ask a teacher" button, a GPA calculator, or class calendar subscribing/publishing, Schoolhouse will help keep you on task. Or just let you know when you're not.


Schoolhouse even lets you export assignments to Apple's iCal or your iPod so that you can check on your project status on the go.

Although Schoolhouse doesn't have every features like the Step-by-Step completion options in iProcrastinate) it is free, well designed, and customizable.


Giz readers: what are you using to keep yourself on track? To the comments! Or, get an account here.

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