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If you thought CES was the only expo giving away freebies this week, you were wrong. A short scouring of the Adult Entertainment Expo yielded a mound of goodies, most of which you (can't) see above. You'll find a full breakdown and uncensored goodness after the jump.

• Two tees, one of which may be useful in trashy bars (or Vegas)
• Enough DVD "samplers" to load up a four course menu of debauchery
• Various trial cards for services both online and off
• Silly putty (consult your local Kama Sutra for explanation)
• A syringe-shaped pen to ease you off your heroin addiction or prank your diabetic roommate
• Packets of personal lubricant (yes, the 40oz. jumbo tub of KY is not the only means of distribution)
• Dog tags for your comrades who fall in battle
• A pill to help you rise to the occasion
• Stickers that remove all doubt of your perverted nature, including the foreboding "Jerk Off Zone" warning sign


Get the full, uncensored, not work safe version of the loot picture containing photographic depictions of real human breasts by clicking here!